Ada Masali English Subtitles

Aslo known as Island Tale, Haziran goes to meet with her supervisor in regards to the situation in Tokyo which has been a fantasy of hers. Anyway to get that advancement she should initially assist her supervisor with a circumstance. She should go to the island of Kırlangıç, and persuade the land proprietor to offer his territory to the organization. Ada’s central goal which is expected to persuade this man to quit being difficult and sell his property, is to learn something that they can use against him to compel him to sell. Turkish series Ada Masalı english Subtitles.At the point when Haziran shows up on the island and goes to the land she meets Poyraz. Poyraz promptly attempts to toss her and her whole train out of the processing plant. From the first momemt that they meet the are irritated by one another. Anyway Haziran has gotten the data that her manager needs. She is extremely restless to get back to the city of Istanbul which she cherishes a lot of when she runs into her auntie. At the point when she misses the ship they are compelled to remain on the island. Turkish series Ada Masalı english Subtitles.Without acknowledging what is happening, Haziran abruptly ends up hitting the dance floor with Poyraz in a dance rivalry. Before an excessive amount of time elapses she understands that her manager has misdirect her. To exacerbate the situation, she likewise understands that she has really made mischief Poyraz. At the point when she understands how much harm she has caused not really settled to make this right, so she moves toward Poyraz with a proposition. Turkish series Ada Masalı english subtitles.

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