Adi Sevgi English Subtitles

Aslo known as The Name of Love, The appearance of youthful secondary teacher Elif Türkkan, who is enthusiastic about her calling, to Sarpça turns into a defining moment in the existences of everybody living in this modest community. At the point when Elif meets the surrender all expectations regarding Zeynep, who is in an incredible prime, she takes her in her wing. Accordingly, he goes into a conflict all alone with this family, which has fallen like a bad dream on Volkan and Sarpça, the main successors to the strong Baykara family that Zeynep is compelled to wed. On schedule, Elif will understand that somebody other than herself is attempting to change the awful fortune of the locale. It is mistaking for Elif when she experiences the baffling Emir Baykara, who has betrayed her own loved ones. Turkish series Adi Sevgi english subtitles.

Notwithstanding, there is something that starts things out for Elif. On account of her unremitting battle for her understudies, she will begin with Zeynep and make Esma, Doğukan, Arda, Cem, Gülendam, Fidan and numerous others plan ahead with trust. She goes by Sevgi, about the change that a young lady, who might gamble with everything for her understudies, made sincerely, love and benevolence in understudies, families and the entire region. Turkish series Adi Sevgi english subtitles.

Elif educator comes to Sarpça with optimistic considerations. Zeynep, who is an extremely fruitful young lady at school; She got away from her henna and came to her number one spot to school. While taking Zeynep from the edge of hopelessness, Elif discovers that Zeynep had to wed Volkan, the main child of the Baykara family, the most grounded and richest family in the area. Volkan is connected to her with a fanatical love. Elif quickly takes Zeynep under her assurance and takes more time to save her from the present circumstance and return her to school. Notwithstanding, both Volkan and Baykara family take staggeringly enormous and perilous actions to get this marriage going. Turkish series Adi Sevgi english subtitles.

In her first illustration at school, Elif faculties that practically every last bit of her understudies need her help, either secretly or transparently. In the interim, because of a misconception, he likewise meets Emir, who bears the last name Baykara. This gathering, which flashes from the absolute first second, prompts Elif to save Zeynep with Emir. Be that as it may, occasions toss them to better places surprisingly… Turkish series Adi Sevgi english subtitles.

Zeynep’s shout plummeted on the wedding like a bad dream. Elif needs to arrive at Zeynep straightaway and end this constrained marriage. Be that as it may, Zeynep; He has an extraordinary dithering between disposing of Volkan and safeguarding his sibling Mehmet, who cut Volkan, from Baykaras. For Emir, this house, which he got back to years after the fact, makes old recollections become animated. Turkish series Adi Sevgi english subtitles.

While everybody is attempting to comprehend the explanation for Zeynep’s unusual way of behaving, Mehmet’s nonappearance draws incredible doubt. The way to everything in occurred there on the wedding night and in Mehmet. Regardless of all the contention between them, Elif and Emir leave on a journey to get Zeynep and her family far from Baykaras. Ekrem Baykara, who sees that Emir Elif actually don’t abandon this business even after the wedding, takes action that will imperil Elif’s calling. Turkish series Adi Sevgi english subtitles.

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