Aziz Episode 25 English Subtitles

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Aslo known as The Saint, Aziz Payidar, the child of the Payidar family, the biggest and just rug maker in Antakya, drives a prosperous and affluent life. Aziz’s destiny changes when the French agent Monsieur Pierre murders his child, Lieutenant Andre; He is driven out behind the place where there is his introduction to the world, his main love, to put it plainly, all that he has. After two years, when he is believed to be dead, his return is unforeseen for everybody. Nothing is the equivalent any longer. In addition to the fact that Aziz lost all that he claimed, yet Antakya, which was under French occupation, turned out to be more regrettable than he left. Also, her first love Dilruba is locked in to her uncle Galip Payidar’s child Adem. Turkish series Aziz Episode 25 English Subtitles.

Aziz, who needed to start from the very beginning once more, was reawakened from the remains with his battle forever; He will be in a situation genuinely when Efnan, a worker young lady, startlingly enters his life, and after the extreme passionate disturbance he encounters, he will track down both himself and his genuine romance after some time. Turkish series Aziz Episode 25 English Subtitles.

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