Bas Belasi English Subtitles

Bas Belasi Short Story

Aslo known as Trouble Maker, Ipek Gümüşçü, a cheerfully hitched housewife and mother discovers that her old buddy Nazlı has been double-crossed. Ipek who likewise finished her schooling in brain science is additionally exceptionally inspired by police secrets and show. So along with her companion they begin to search for hints to that they can examine the present circumstance when abruptly she ends up in the center of a homicide examination and she is taken in to be interrogated. Turkish series Baş Belası english Subtitles.

The cop responsible for this examination is Police Commissioner Şahin Kara, and presently Ipek is compelled to give an assertion to him as an excellent suspect in the homicide examination. As the entirety of the proof is uncovered as long as she can remember changes. Ipek understands that the existence that she thought was so marvelous is in reality each of the a falsehood. Turkish series Baş Belası english Subtitles.

Ipek’s life presently flips around, and presently she should likewise disentangle the riddle seeing her very own life also. As she searches for approaches to achieve this she discovers that the police office is searching for a therapist for their staff. Regardless of the entirety of the her mom’s alerts, she applies and is employed for the work, when out of nowhere she ends up working one next to the other with Şahin Kara. Turkish series Baş Belası english Subtitles.

Şahin doesn’t confide in Ipek at all and simultaneously he feels that ladies have no bearing in the manslaughter authority too. Turkish series Baş Belası english Subtitles.

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