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In a way, storytelling is the biggest problem of The Wheel of Time storytelling.

The world Rafe Judkins brings to the screen feels immense, full of different cultures and subcultures, sects and sub-sects, thousands of years of history, wars won and lost, the rise and fall of empires, songs and Languages ‚Äč‚Äčlearned and forgotten. And re-learned. (Dip your foot in the wiki of the book series, I’ll double-dare you – you’ll probably fall in and never come out again.) From an epic point of view, this is an impressive feat.

However, from the point of view of television drama, this is almost an obstacle because practically every new development requires someone else to tell a story about it.

Whenever a character sees another character praying, the result of the conversation should be what prayer means and which deity or ancestor or metaphysical concept it is. Every time a sentence is spoken in a lost language, one has to explain what it means, who actually said it, and in what context it was said.

The Wheel Of Time

Each new enemy requires one of the heroes to tell the other what the enemy is and what his powers might be, and how to defeat or defend against him. And so, and so on, and so forth, for 15 novels and several seasons of adaptation of those novels, ready to make on Amazon.

In short, The Wheel of Time is a show that, at least for now, is almost all fantasy world building. If you’re a sign for something like that – like, frankly, I am – then hey, great! Build the world of ablution!

If you’re not into that, though, boy, I can imagine it’s pretty much a slogan. For every recognizable moment in a human relationship – Rand struggles to communicate with his best friend Matt that he doesn’t need to keep any secrets, Nynaeve’s eyebrow-raising reaction to some of Aes Sedai’s numerous lifestyles. – There are huge exhibitions about it. Way of the Leaf or before the song break or the Kingdom of Manthren or the Emerald Set or whatever you have.

I think you should give up, suffice it to say that the wheel of time is too long.

In this week’s episode, at least, for Egg Wayne and Perrin, it’s a little less than any of our other main characters. The gypsy Tuatha’an, or Tinkers, is traveling with them to the show’s Roma stand. Egwen spends most of her time discussing spirituality and Tottenham culture with Irm (Daryl McCormack), who is obviously killed with it, but whose attachment to the remote rand is obvious.

It is visible. Perrin, meanwhile, discusses Tinkers’ pacifism with Irm’s grandmother Ella (Maria Doyle Kennedy). It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Killed the wife all at once – but somehow, she leaves much to be desired.

Rand and Matt and their cheerful companion Tham have one more incident, and tragic, road ahead of them. Rand has nightmares and sinking suspicions that something is wrong with his friend. Thom goes so far as to suggest that Matt has begun to channel OnePower, a straightforward path to insanity for all men. (More on that later.)

All three face a humble family of farmers or, you know, whatever the humble family does in the imaginary world. In exchange for crushing their stable and, perhaps, Thom’s little performance, they are allowed to sleep in the family barn for the night. The mat is friendly with the family’s lovely daughter, who offers her both a loaf of bread and a little doll, which she says the world wants to see.

Neither the doll nor the daughter gets a chance. Waking up from a nightmare in which Perrin hits a dead body, Matt has a bloody hand, and the recurring figure of a black man with shining eyes catches Egwin. Rand found a mat inside the family home, where they were all killed. It is as if the mat is led by the dagger he picked up from the second installment in the accursed city – a dagger that clearly carried the curse. This enables him to see the blurring that is following him. Thom stays behind to fight the creatures, demonstrating incredible martial abilities as Rand and Matt move away.

From both a dramatic and global construction point of view, the main action center of the episode is at the Aes Sedai camp where Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve find themselves. Moiraine has been treated by Karen (Claire Perkins) for her poisonous troll wound, an Aes Sedai on the verge of exhaustion. Why? She and her Aes Sedai sisters Liandrin and Alanna (Priyanka Bose) are spending their time holding their captive Logan (Alvaro Morte), this is a long command as she is one of the most powerful male channelists who Has faced them.

This gives credence to his claim that he is a dragon reborn, even though he is ten years old.

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